Promo at Audrey's Wellness & Love for Crystals New Year Energy Cleansing Pack $55 usual $70

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Promo at Audrey's Wellness & Love for Crystals New Year Energy Cleansing Pack $55 usual $70

(Consists of space clearing items charcoal disk, jerusalem resin incense, purple candle, purification seasalt. Aura cleansing items lithium light bath stones, gemstone oil, feather)

Chinese New Year is also known as the ‘Spring Festival’ and begins with a thorough spring cleaning of the home. In addition to removing the dust and clutter, this traditional cleaning symbolises sweeping away any bad luck or problems from the previous year.

As part of the festival, we have created a "New Year Cleansing Pack" which comprises of all the tools needed to sweep away energetic blockages and old energies from your Home, Aura and Energetic Space.

The pack consists of the following items:

(1) Purification Salt Bath
Start by purifying yourself from any negative influences you may have in your aura. Fill the white cotton bag in this pack with the purification salt bath and immerse in water bath. As you bathe, allow all negativity to be washed away. Make sure you purify every part including your head. (If you can only take a shower, place a smaller amount in the bag and glide it across your skin like a sponge). You may also dissolve the salt directly onto the bath tub or small basin.


(2) Lithium Light Bath Stones
Add the Lithium Bath Stones onto your bath water to charge the water with the currents of serenity. One of the most enjoyable ways to immerse oneself in the currents of Lithium Light is to literally bathe with it. These stones’ currents are easily conducted by water (especially salt water), and through the water, via our opened pores, the energies of the stones make their way into our Liquid Crystal Body Matrix. This is a delectable experience, which can waft one upward into the heights of bliss. It is an excellent antidote to stress and a great way to re-connect with the loving emanations of the Divine realms and can be reused as many times as you wish.

(3) Charcoal disk (4) Jerusalem Granular Resin Incense (5) Feather
Light the charcoal disk and place it in any heat resistant burner. When it has finished sparkling, put the resins onto the charcoal and let the incense smoke waft all about you, releasing its energy.

Using a feather, walk about your room, house or person you are smudging in a clockwise direction fanning the smoke. Make sure you get the smoke up into the corners of the room as well. Open doors or windows to let energy escape if the area feels heavy or there has been sickness.

While the smoke fills the room, hold an intention that this is a strong energetic cleansing and realize you are protecting the whole area. You can chant “Out with the old energies and in with new positive loving energies now”, or something like that. Once your home is cleaned, imagine your home surrounded with Gold. Imagine it sealed and protected with an invisible gold mesh screen.

You can ask your angels to stand guard in your psychic protection. Imagine two angels before you and two behind you and perhaps one or two guarding any entrances to your home.

(6) Purple Candle for Purification & Transmutation
Take the candle in your hands and get a clear sense of your intentions. Pass the candle through the incense smoke while focusing on your intent. Light the candle and visualize the energy from your intent going out into the world as the flame burns. Leave the candle burning until completely gone.

(7) Crystal gemstone oil
Burning gemstone oil in an aromatherapy burner is another great space cleanse.
Use the gemstone oil to raise your vibration either through an oil diffuser or simply dab few drops on your wrist for instant aura lift!

You can create your own Aura mist using the gemstone oil. Spray your aura with gemstone oil, add lime diluted in a small or medium sized dark glass spray bottle. You might feel invigorated from this gemstone oil and lime mist being in your aura. It is a wonderful pick- me up and great for aura cleansing.

Other uses of gemstone oil:
- Use oils in wearable oil lockets for an aromatherapy effect
- Anoint candles when doing candle magick
- You can use them to anoint and charge amulets, talismans, crystals, wands & more
- You can also use them in your bath for direct personal effects
- Add a few drops to a bucket of water to make an effective floor wash for your home
- You can also add a drop to the contents of a spell bag to help achieve any desired effects



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