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What's Up at Audrey's Wellness & Love for Crystals

We had an Exciting & Joyful July at Audrey's Wellness!

Aside from my ever-exciting Angel Reading & Healing sessions, our doors opened for new healers at our center in July.


Angela Chng who is our in-house Sound Therapist had her tibetan bowls singing with harmonic frequencies realigning energetic balance to her clients during her sessions plus our guest healer StephanieVan Driesen from KL has graced our doors and serenaded her clients with her angelic & healing voice, toning and light language. It was such a beautiful experience to introduce new healing modalities to our loyal patrons. 


It's also interesting that I had many requests for Space Clearing sessions during this mid-year period, which usually happens during the end of the year! I had 4 space clearing sessions this month and have been receiving more requests for next month! There must be some new level of openness in looking at clearing the energies of the environment and the living space!


Another interesting event that has happened in July was the arrival of Orgonites in our center. Orgonite is the fusing of a metal bit with a non-metal (usually polyester resin) into molds of various shapes and sizes to create LIFE FORCE called “orgone” or “chi”. The structure of orgonite attracts energy into it .  


When you use the orgone energy field, as it is designed, it will energize you with a high level of energy channeled to you by your etheric friends, or higher self. When you use orgone devices, some will experience seeing different colors, see visions, and attract beautiful opportunities and mostly manifestation of desires & goals.


We have brought in Orgonite for different purposes such as Orgonite for Love, Prosperity, Protection and Health!  The energies were so powerful that they were sold out very fast. And a new batch is arriving in August with a new pocket-sized version. You may contact us if you wish to reserve.


Our Angel Circle get together is another monthly highlight! For July, we had the chance to receive inspiring guidance from Archangel Zadkiel. He is the archangel of Abundance and brought us new awareness on how to purify our thoughts and energy field as to attain a good flow of Abundance. His messages have inspired the 18 participants during the Angel circle get together. Next month's get together will be an evening with Archangel Michael on 16 August


I've start teaching Angel course again this month! The Angel Blessings coaching workshop is a comprehensive approach to guide those who are ready to understand deeply the work and influence of angels in our lives. It's a two-part series and  I had a full attendance. The energies of the participants were so awesome, many of them are connected to the Archangels Michael and Raphael! It's always been a blessing  to meet and guide beautiful souls!


I've also received messages of conducting workshops on Crystals and Healing. I've come up with Crystal Magic workshop on 17 Aug & Shamanic Reiki Healing workshop on 25 Aug.  Both workshops will teach new and helpful techniques. 


Crystal Magic is a comprehensive course teaching techniques on how you can use crystals for manifestation, attracting good flow of energy in your home. It is designed for those who may have collected crystals but not sure how to use them or place them in their home or space. 


Shamanic Reiki is a combination of two healing modalities merged as one to purify, clear, balance, align and raise vibration of the receiver for wellness. 


Many new techniques and exciting wisdom which includes contacting shamanic guides and medicine guides  and more during the workshop. 


And last but not the least, our store, Love for Crystals is offering 20% discount on all our jewelries such necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets from 29 July to 29 August while stocks last! 


We wish to thank you for your continued support and inspiration ! And may we all be blessed continuously with the love of the angels and the energies of the crystals! 


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  • Jan 16, 2014

    Hi Audrey

    I am very interested in your courses and would like to know more. Please can you advise on all the courses that we much suited for and wondering only gifted and connected people then can attend the course. Need your adice.



    — elaine

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