Star of David Alignment Meditation by Audrey Agcaoili

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Star of David Alignment in July & August!

In July & August 2013 we will experience within the celestial heavens a stargate ‘Merkabah’ portal... set to quantum leap our DNA.

This is a VERY RARE twin Merkabah alignment of most divine potential!


Firstly... on the 29/30 July 2013, on the last quarter waning moon, our planets will align in a 6 pointed star formation within our skies commonly referred to as a Star of David formation. The synergy of this alignment will activate the Star of David forming an energetic counter-rotating Merkabah.


Secondly... on the 25/26 August 2013, a second Star of David and energetic counter- rotating Merkabah will be formed by the planetary alignments.



Star of David Meditation by Audrey Agcaoili

Hold a double merkaba or asteroid crystal near your heart... Start by breathing in and out very deeply...


As you breathe in, you allow your mind and your heart to open... receiving the energy of love.


As you breathe out, you release any tension, tightness or worries... Peeling off any negative thoughts, feelings or emotions...


Feeling peaceful, calm and centered!


Start focusing on your heart area and as you do, you continue breathing in.... and breathing out....


Allow the energy of your heart to connect to the heart of the earth that is a few inches below your feet chakras....Connect to the heart of the earth... And go as deeply as you can.


Next, allow the energy of your heart to connect to the galactic heart, that is a few inches above your soul star chakra... And go higher as you can.


Allow your connection to the heart of the earth and your connection to the galactic heart merge at the center of your heart.... Energy is swirling... And centering ... And receiving the codes of the Star of David alignment. The energy swirls faster and become a merkabah of light.


Sit for a moment and allow the energies to continue to swirl, receiving the new codes until it integrates...


When you are ready, get out of the meditation and ground yourself! Namaste!


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