29 November Crystal Circle

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Learn about the Secrets of the Lemurian Crystals during the Crystal Circle on 29 Nov , 7-9pm energy exchange $30 pls bring your lemurian crystals for Attunement 

The meet up will share everything about Lemurian Crystals plus a meditation. 

Lemurian Seed Crystals are known by this name as they have the capacity to allow you to retrieve information, from ancient Lemuria, via the stones.

Lemurian Seed crystals are mainly found in Brazil.

These are amazing quartz formations, that may aid you to gain information, that has the ability to allow you to solve problems in your current life.

A Lemurian Seed Crystal is usually either a communicator or healer. It is difficult to determine beforehand which it is. Most of them seem to be communicators. 

They are often discovered to have a high efficacy in efforts to establish communication with Spirit Guides and Angels and it for this purpose they are most recommended.


To sign up, please call Eliza @ 84987653


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