Ultimate Protection Bracelet By Audrey (Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Hematite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline)

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This bracelet is designed to create a powerful shield  of protection in the aura against psychic attack, negative energy, entity attack

Black Tourmaline : prevents psychic attacks, repels negative energy and provides security.

Smokey Quartz : Repels negative energy by covering your aura with an invisible cloak and eliminates vulnerability.

Pyrite: : Protects you from negative energy that may attack your psychic balance. It helps you overcome your fears meanwhile bringing you positive thoughts

Labradorite : Brings order to chaos and enhances you to fight your fears.

Shungite : Reduces stress and anxiety. It will help you stay grounded and in control.

Tiger's Eye : Enhances willpower, luck and protects you from negative energies

Hematite : Keeps you grounded, brings security and helps bring emotional balance