Musical Massage: Synergy CD

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The Musical Massage Series features instrumental works that immerse the listener in an ambiance of relaxation, deep healing and rejuvenation. This is music that was created to be heard, felt and absorbed. 

A sonic massage for the mind, body and soul. THE ATLANTIC ARTS ENSEMBLE eloquently instills an aura of calm and quiet reflection with ambient jazzy melodies and peaceful, flowing rhythms. SYNERGY features inspiring melodies and calming grooves that soothe the soul and nurture the senses. The Atlantic Arts Ensemble uses keyboards, violin, guitars, flutes and saxophone to provide a serene and relaxing journey to the most peaceful places. 

 The Atlantic Arts Ensemble is a group of musicians, music therapists, researchers, teachers and sound healers. They are led by Dr. Joseph Nagger, a musician and music therapist who has been featured on many national and international recordings for television and radio. 

Track List 1. Sapphire (15:01) An ambient groove that touches on the tender side of jazz with relaxing piano, guitar and strings. 

2. Turquoise (15:22) A contemplative piece that floats along with bending guitar and placid sax sounds that wash over the listener. 

3. Lapis (15:06) A musical gem with an Eastern flavor that rhythmically spirals and sways with violin and gentle percussion.

 4. Aquamarine (16:19) Meditative keyboards, violin, soft guitar and saxophone that soothe the spirit and evoke calm reflection.