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Attract Soulmate Empowerment Crystal Kit

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This kit will help you develop a healthy state of mind and emotions that will allow you to attract the right kind of love that you are seeking.

The vibrations of the crystals will continue to affect areas of imbalance, restoring a positive state.

As your personal vibration changes to a higher, more positive outlook, you will attract your Soul Mate to you, like a magnet!

This kit includes:

Amazonite to boost self-love and allows you to cleanse your spirit of the negative issues that have been holding you back.

Green Aventurine is the best crystal for attracting real and lasting relationships into your life.

Blue Chalcedony to calm and center your emotional energy field.

Sunstone to stimulate your personal power of attraction

Twin rose quartz hearts to represent love connection

Lodestone is powerful stone to attract or manifest what you desire