Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, also known as "Love Stone" emits the powerful vibration of unconditional love, warmth, comfort and happiness.

This lovely pink stone resonates with the heart and thymus chakras, bringing the energy of love to its wearer and its surroundings.

The stones are abundant in Madagascar, India, Japan, USA, Africa and Brazil.

It has the ability to help in emotional healing, heal relationship issues and in acquiring self love and acceptance.

The energy of rose quartz encompasses all... Love for self, your partner, your children, your community, and the whole world. It represents Goddess energy and helps you connect to your Feminine Divinity and creative aspect.

How to use it:

Rose quartz has sweet, nurturing vibration that is ideal to be worn on your body to greatly nurture your whole aura with gentleness and attune you to love and heart centeredness.

When placed in the room, it magnifies the essence of harmony, joy, acceptance and comfortability throughout the space where it is located.

When placed in the room or near the body, its peaceful vibration helps in soothing the energy of overly active children or highly-stressed adults.

It can be also used for meditation as it promotes calmness and centeredness.

As an amulet, it can be used during rituals for attracting love or rituals on healing relationships. You may also carry it in your pocket to align you with the energy of love.