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  • Geode Slice With Gemstone Pendants & Necklaces
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Geode Slice with Gemstone Pendant

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Geode Slice with Gemstone pendant These pendants have been cleverly sculpted with slices from the beautiful crystal formations of a geode slice blended with a silver wrapping and bail, with a cleverly placed gemstone or crystal point placed within the geode.

Agate (slices) Agate cleanses and grounds excess energy with Earth Mother; assists you in finding the courage to accept yourself and others; aids in banishing fear and doubt. Its resonates with the Root or Basic Chakra.

Agate slices are wonderful foundations for creating Crystal Grids, used in focusing your intentions, manifesting your heart's desires!

Found throughout the world, primarily mined in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana

Agate is said to have mystical powers to guard one against danger, to cure insomnia, to ensure pleasant dreams as well as to help with clarity enabling one to see the world through a broader perspective. It draws in good fortune, increases concentration and promotes good will. Agate is reported to be an aid in overcoming defects, fears, and loneliness.