Amazez Raw Stones, 30-35mm/14-20 grams (Africa)

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Amazez is a rare type of Azeztulite, discovered in 2012 on an island off the African coast. It is marked by alternating bands of Amethyst and White Quartz.
Amazez enhances clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, remote viewing, prophetic vision and psychic healing. It can stimulate intuitive abilites and creative inspirations.
Amazez is an ideal therapeutic stone for crystal practitioners. It can be used to bring spiritual aid, in the form of is powerful and purifying energies, to any weak or afflicted areas of the body. It does this through working primarily in the subtle body aspect of the individual clearing any clouds or gray areas from the auric field and awaking up' the power of one's Divine Blueprint.
This allows the pattern of perfection to reestablish itself on the subtle body level, leading to the manifestation of wholeness and well-being on all other levels.
Amazez is powerful enough to be used as a tool in psychic surgery,' allowing the practitioner to cut out' attachments, negative thought forms and unhelpful entities.
The sheer power of Amazez, combined with its purifying qualities, make it an ideal stone to use when clearing and individual or an area of all types of negativity. 
Amazez can purify one's field in a way that makes possible conscious interaction with higher beings on many spiritual planes. The angels, and even the Azez themselves, can more readily approach one who has been purified by this stone.
Amazez can powerfully activate the Mouth of God' chakra near the top of the spine at the back of the head.
This is an extremely important point on the energy body, and is the source of many mystical experiences. 
"Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian: "The Book of Stones"