Archangel Michael Stones Inspirational Gifts Angel Star

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Give your worries to the angels with this stone, presenting a beautifully Archangel Michael. Worry stones are particularly successful because of their size. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. In times of trouble and worry we all need something to hold on to. Angel Star Stones give us that bit of support and believe we then need.

A little known fact about these stones is that each stone is engravable by any local laser engraver.

Take these stones to a local engraver to personalize them for special occasions, events, memorials and more. The stone is resin based and the engraver can add color to the engraved surface to bring out the engraving. The personal touch makes these stones simply extraordinary.

Stones measure approximately 3.8 cm height (1.5 inch).
Stones are priced and sold per dozen.

They are manufactured by Angel Star from coldcast resin with the angel finished by hand with a non toxic paint.

Each weighs approximately 25 grams.