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  • H&e Cacoxinite (Wire-Wrapped With Card) Pendant Pendants & Necklaces
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H&E Cacoxinite (Wire-wrapped with card) Pendant

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Cacoxinite, one of the stones that make up the "super seven," is a stone of new age of ascension. It's a powerful stone that helps achieve spiritual awakening.

It works on higher chakras activating the crown and third eye and aligning to the solar plexus, bringing your focus into your divine purpose.

This is a stone of ascension and is being used by many during the planetary alignments, world meditation and full and new moons.

It can assist to increase spiritual awareness during these times and transfer healing energy to the Earth.

Used in holistic treatments, it allows one to recognize all of the relationships between each integral part of the body, mind and emotion.

Promotes healing and cellular renewal.

("Love is in the Earth-A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody')