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  • Celestite Raw Cluster Geode (Madagascar ) 264G 75Mm Caves Geodes And Clusters
  • Celestite Raw Cluster Geode (Madagascar ) 263G 110Mm Caves Geodes And Clusters
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Celestite Raw Cluster Geode (Madagascar )

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Celestite is an attractive stone that sports a celestial or a sky blue color.

Celestite is a great healing stone. It helps in the treatment of ears and eyes. It will also eliminate toxins from your body and repair at cellular levels.

Celestite can be also utilized for clearing attachments and infections of all types. It will cleanse the auric field and stimulate the energy system of the body

If you’re in an idealistic business such as a visionary artist, a new age shop, a metaphysical practitioner, or any other business-related to spiritual, make sure to keep Celestite close by.

With Celestite, you will become prosperous while providing spiritual as well as sensible services. 

The stone can help in resolving conflict and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the home and workplace.