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  • Chakra High Vibrational Oil By Audreys Remedies (10Ml) Essential Oils
  • Chakra High Vibrational Oil By Audreys Remedies (10Ml) Essential Oils
  • Chakra High Vibrational Oil By Audreys Remedies (10Ml) Essential Oils
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Audrey's Remedies

Chakra High Vibrational Oil by Audrey's Remedies (10ml)

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Audrey's Remedies High Vibrational Oils


The chakra oil has Patchouli, Orange, lemon, Bergamot, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense

Special Blends of Gem Essences, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil & Base Oil infused with high vibrational sacred codes, light codes and blessings attuned to the specific intent such as for High Vibrational Energy Charger & Boost for the Chakra Oil; Positivity & Goodluck for the Attract Wealth Oil and Love & Serenity for the Attract Love Oil.

Use these oils for Wellness of Body, Mind, Heart & Soul plus the high vibrational energies will help improve areas in life such as Wealth, Health, Career, Relationship and much more.

Use everyday as a perfume oil or for your rituals and more.

How To Use High Vibrational Oils:

1) For Pulse Points and Chakra Centers:

Rub in a drop or two of an oil at different pulse points on your body, including your wrists, behind your ears, and behind your knees.

You can rub a few drops on various chakra centers. Oiling your feet, especially the soles of your feet, will support vibrational healing throughout your body. You can also rub a bit of oil on any spot on your body that seems to be drawing you.

2) For Bathing:

Place few drops of a vibrational oil in your bath water to feel the full effects of the oil.

The vibration of the oil will penetrate your physical and energetic bodies quickly.

3) Aura Protection and Grounding:

Use the oil before any meditation, yoga or any healing work for protection and grounding.

4) For Anointing Petition Candles:

Use the oil in anointing candles for petition writing The process of alchemical transformation begins with cleansing and anointing with oil, as it signify sanctification and consecration.

Anointing your wallet, safe, cash box, documents to bring positive energies and wishes coming true.

Audrey's Remedies High Vibrational Oils heal energetically.

This means that when you use one of these oils, the vibrations within your physical and energetic bodies will be adjusted by the oil thereby adjusting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities within you.

These Oil Blends, which are imbued with the vibration of a gem plus high grade essential oils, can affect how you feel, think, how you connect with the Universe, and shift negative thinking and feeling patterns. It can work slowly and gently, or it can sometimes affect you very quickly.

Ultimately, it can touch the very deepest core of your innermost being and essence.

Each oil blend is unique and imbued with the vibrations of each particular Intent- affirmed & powered up to work in a particular area.