Star of David Disc - Clear Quartz

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The six pointed star is formed by the downward pointing triangle merged with an upward pointing triangle. The triangles representing the duality of masculine and feminine energies, creativity, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti energy.

Where the two triangles intersect this represents the centre point where the two forces of duality, Yin and Yang, matter and spirit energies balance and merge and commune and is the balance of harmony and wholeness. The elements of fire and water are combined. They are the depiction of "as above, so below" as well known in metaphysical edicts. Six is equilibrium and harmony.


Name of crystal: Clear Quartz

Common source: Arkansas, USA, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Tibet

Astrological association: All

Chakras: All

Healing qualities: A programmable crystal, the clear quartz channels any energy, thus helping any conditions. Also known as the "feel better" stone, it improves the quality of life, lifts your spirits, and re-energizes you whenever.

Physical qualities: Helps diabetes, heart problems, obesity, pain and discomfort, spinal health, and weight loss

Emotional/spiritual qualities: With an ability to help focus the mind, it aids in meditation and relieves negativity

Magical and mystical qualities: -

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt