Goddess APHRODITE (Passion & Love) Rose Quartz, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Tiger’s Eye with 14k gold filled beads

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This bracelet is specially designed and attuned to the energies of Goddess APHRODITE to receive the blessing and gift of PASSION & LOVE.

A beautifully-made bracelet of Tiger's Eye (Protection), Garnet (Passion), Clear Quartz (Positive Vibes) and Rose Quartz (Love) with 14k gold-filled beads.

When worn, it aligns you to the the Powerful energy of the Goddess Aphrodite bringing you sophistication, zest in life, beauty and livelier energy.

Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!
Designed & Made by Audrey.

About Goddess Aphrodite:
Aphrodite, goddess of romance and passion, of fashion beauty and art, has captivated poets and painters for centuries.

Known for her willingness to help others find the love they sought, the myths of the Greek goddess Aphrodite reveal the awesome extent of her power.

Allso known as the Roman goddess Venus, Aphrodite had one gift and one gift only . . . While all the other gods and goddesses had lengthy lists of divine duties to perform, the goddess Aphrodite was assigned only one . . . to bring love into the world.
(Goddess info from: www.goddessgift.com)


Note: Color variation and inclusions occur in natural crystals.

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