Goddess QUAN YIN (MERCY) Moss Agate, Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz with 14k Gold filled beads

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This bracelet is specially designed and attuned to the energies of Goddess QUAN YIN to receive the blessings and gifts of MERCY & COMPASSION.

A beautifully-made bracelet of Tiger's Eye (Protection), Moss Agate (Mercy), Clear Quartz (Positive Vibes) and Rose Quartz (Love) with 14k Gold filled beads.

When worn, it aligns you to the the Powerful energy of the
Goddess Quan Yin bringing you the energy of self love, self forgiveness and the gift of mercy, releasing you from the wheel of sufferings and karma.

Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!
Designed & Made by Audrey.

About Goddess Quan Yin:
Quan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy.
Of all the goddesses, she is most revered and beloved throughout the world.

Quan Yin is a gentle mother bringing boundless love and comfort to all the people, easing the inevitable pains and releasing sufferings in human life.

(Goddess info from: www.goddessgift.com)


Note: Color variation and inclusions occur in natural crystals.

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