Goddess TARA (PEACE) Bracelet (Aventurine, Turquoise, Tiger's Eye, 14k gold-filled Beads)

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This bracelet is specially designed and attuned to the energies of Goddess Tara to receive her gifts and blessings of Peace & Protection.

A beautifully-made bracelet of Tiger's Eye (Protection), Aventurine (Peace), Clear Quartz (Positive Vibes) and Turquoise (Protection) with14k gold-filled beads.

When worn, it aligns you to the peaceful energy of Goddess Tara.
Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!
Designed & Made by Audrey.

About Goddess Tara:
Goddess Tara embodies the feminine strengths of great caring and compassion, the ability to endure stressful and even terrifying moments, the acts of creation, and the source of peace and protection.
(Goddess info from: www.goddessgift.com)


Note: Color variation and inclusions occur in natural crystals.

Photos may not be representative of final product.