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  • Golden Healer Hematoid Tumbled Pendants (Brazil) Photo 1 & Necklaces
  • Golden Healer Hematoid Tumbled Pendants (Brazil) & Necklaces
  • Golden Healer Hematoid Tumbled Pendants (Brazil) & Necklaces
  • Golden Healer Hematoid Tumbled Pendants (Brazil) & Necklaces
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Golden Healer Hematoid Tumbled Pendants (Brazil)

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Hematoid Quartz is a member of the quartz family with iron deposits inside (in the form of hematite and/or limonite).

This crystal is also also known as Golden Healer Quartz.

Hematoid Quartz enables people to see the light that has always shined brightly from within erasing doubt and anxiety in the process. Hematoid Quartz also promotes focus and concentration.

Golden Healer Quartz was viewed as a powerful healing crystal in ancient times. The Hematite in Hematoid was used by the ancient Egyptians as an amulet of protection.

Golden Healer crystals are great for crystal healing and communication with the divine. They align all the chakras while balancing yin-yang energies.

Golden Healer quartz accesses divine information. It also activates the 3rd chakra connecting the human will to the divine will. It is especially good for the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

It is a high vibration crystal, a master healer, a multi-purpose healing crystal that empowers dimensional healing.

It accesses the Golden Ray to raise vibrations, intent, and dissolves and releases blockages.

This crystal is known to enhance joy, by balancing yin and yang energies while aligning the chakras. Golden Healers have distinctive golden hues and has a actual coating of iron oxide in between and under layers of crystal.