Good Health, Luck & Victory 2020 Bracelet by Audrey

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GREEN & BLACK is a very lucky combination, as black Water replenishes the fast-growing green Wood.

Here, the Wood of our earth is being nourished, causing it to generate great good fortune and life-giving energies.

This combination is always auspicious. The meaning generated here is one of good health and continuous victory. This is an excellent combination for 2020

(Green Jade, Black Tourmaline & Stainless Steel)

2020 bracelet series is beautifully-made bracelets with carefully selected high quality crystal stones and 14k gold filled beads or stainless steel, appropriately for the purpose of bringing the good energy of 2020.

Audrey’s Remedies Bracelet Series are Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!

They are Channeled, Designed & Made by Audrey