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  • Lemurian Seed Root (Brazil) Rare 23G 65Mm
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Lemurian Seed Root (Brazil) RARE

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They are like a mother to all the Lemurian’s.

These crystals are found at the base of the lemurian crystals so called the ‘Root’ and the base of knowledge. These are real Master Crystals with a very high vibration.

Their surface is full of etchings and codings, but inside the crystal is clear, this symbolizes our soul and our purity.

These crystals have only now been found because we are now ready for the information they possess and want to release.

Information is passed to everyone but only what that person needs to know at that time! These are multidimensional data bases.

If you hold the stone, or hold it against your third eye, the flow of information starts calmly. The energy waves through you, it frees you from all things you are stuck with or in, it goes through your whole being. During this process the crystal keeps you grounded.