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  • Lepidolite Star Matrix (Brazil) 262G 85Mm Raw
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Lepidolite Star Mica Matrix (Brazil)

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Star Mica crystals  represent the “spirit of the stars”. A very glistening and etheric clear to white sparkling Mica, it was thought to be “stardust” and was used to represent the twinkling stars.

It is a crystal that reflects light as the light touches it. It is a wonderful crystal for increasing optimism, self-confidence and spontaneous ways.

This crystal helps dissolve the veil of separation and allows us to see that we are all inter-connected.

Mica has a reputation for helping with peaceful sleep, due to its reflective nature.

It allows the user peace of mind, especially during trauma or emotional shock.

This stone helps one let go of attachments and become more of your own person, therefore, improving ones self-work and resilience to difficult situations.