Mermaid Bracelet for Kids (Calming)

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This bracelet is specially designed and attuned to the energies of The Mermaids and the Goddess YEMAYA to receive the gift of INNER SERENITY.

A beautifully-made bracelet of Blue Obsidian (calmness), Blue Lace Agate (Gentleness), Clear Quartz (Positive Vibes) and Aqua Obsidian (Flow) and Pearl (Beauty) with 14k gold filled beads

When worn, it aligns you to the the Powerful energy of the Goddess YEMAYA, giving you her comfort and courage so as you can flow in the ebb of life!

Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!

Designed & Made by Audrey

About Goddess Yemaya

Often depicted as a mermaid, or simply a beautiful woman standing amidst the waves, Yemaya is a goddess of comfort and inspiration. 

When it comes to caring for others, her impulses are sincere and comforting. And she has a love for children that is unequalled. 

Yemaya reminds us that even the worst catastrophes can be endured and that, with her help, we can learn to negotiate the ebbs and flows of change in our lives with her wisdom, courage, and grace.

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