Penawar Hitam Wood Slice 11.5cm x 8cm x 2cm thick

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Penawar Hitam

Penawar Hitam is a black wood that grow within another tree and is naturally in black. 

This wood is rarely found and is conceal in the core of other trees in the deep jungle, therefore the price is expensive. Common people cannot find it even he chops down the entire trees in the forest. Only some indigenous people can feel the power of Penuwar Hitam, and able to find it in the deep jungle.

Penawar Hitam and Raja Kayu are considered brotherhood wood. They can be used together and can substantially increase both  power, also bringing out the best in each other. 

 Benefits of Penawar Hitam:

A) Bring Good Luck and Fengshui energy!

B) Poisonous animals will keep distance from it.

C) Protecting from malicious and jealousy energy.

D) Protection from black magic and evil ghost.

E) Possess positive energy to expel negative forces.