Prosperity & Stability 2020 Bracelet by Audrey

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BLACK & WHITE is a good productive-type combination. Here, the Water element of black, which signifies wealth luck, is produced by the Metal white, which also signifies the creation of sustainable prosperity.

This is thus a wealth-creating combination. Black and white also signifies the unity of yin and yang.


(Black Tourmaline, Mother Pearl & Stainless Steel)

2020 bracelet series is beautifully-made bracelets with carefully selected high quality crystal stones and 14k gold filled beads or stainless steel, appropriately for the purpose of bringing the good energy of 2020.

Audrey’s Remedies Bracelet Series are Cleansed, Charged & Attuned with higher vibrational frequency!

They are Channeled, Designed & Made by Audrey