RABBIT Energy Crystal Bracelet (Calming & Luck)

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The series of Animal Zodiac Energy Bracelet 2018 is created & attuned by Audrey to support the energy and elements.

The element of Metal is not present in the Paht Chee of Year of Earth Dog, and Metal represents Wealth so Audrey has added 3 Acrylic Gold Beads to all the bracelets plus 14k gold-filled beads to activate the Wealth Luck and Energy of each zodiac.

In 2018 Flying Star Chart, number 9 is directed in the center of the Chart, therefore all Zodiacs will benefit from MULTIPLYING LUCK, to activate, Audrey has placed 9 Beads in the center of the Bracelet design with Clear Quartz around the 9 main beads to amplify and activate the Mulitplying Luck.

Each Animal Zodiac Bracelet design is unique based on the annual chart. The beads are selected to suit the needs of each animal zodiac.

For Rabbit-

This design is to help with Protection, for Calming and to bring good luck. 


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