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  • Raspberry Pastel Andara Crystal (High Vortex Mount Shasta) 15G Crystal
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Raspberry Pastel Andara Crystal (High Vortex Mount Shasta)

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A RARE species of Andara commonly known for shifting colors quite dramatically.

This Andara is a combination of several different Andara: Purple, orchid, raspberry, pink, white and clear.

It is a dynamic and multi-useful Andara in that it provides deep Heart healing, letting go of past hurts, traumas and grief.

Connecting the heart to the mind with profound clarity, focus and wisdom.

This Andara can also assist in connecting to your own deep inner knowing and voice.

Forgiveness and peacemaking for your relationships is quite possible in working with this Andara.

This Andara Crystal clears and balances the Heart center

Powerfully Activates Unconditional Love