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Scapolite (Clear to Golden) from Tanzania 20-35mm

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Scapolite is a stone of purpose... helping you to set your mind to a goal and then reaching it. It aids self-discipline and will-power.

The metaphysical properties of stones of different colors may be quite different.

Yellow Scapolite aids the attainment of prosperity through the solar plexus chakra.

Purple or Gray-White Scapolite works within the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the higher etheric chakras, and aids psychic knowing and communication with your spirit guides.

Blue Scapolite works within the throat chakra and third eye and aids psychic powers.

Pink Scapolite has specific aspects within the thymus and heart chakra... and is a stone for aiding forgiveness and bringing through compassion.

Scapolite is a crystal that can encourage you to get rid of bad habits that prevent you from moving forward.

Use this unique crystal when you want a feeling of calm in a stressful situation, allowing you to deal with a problem without feeling overwhelmed, irritable and overemotional.

Not only does Scapolite help you set goals, but it also gives you the stamina and fortitude to reach them.

Scapolite can be very beneficial for those starting their own business or going into a joint venture. It helps younger children learn to try new things and young adults, who have left ‰Û÷the nest‰۪, can gain self-reliance on their own.

Physically, Scapolite helps with high blood pressure; vein and artery problems; tension headaches; emotional overload; ear infections and glandular disorders.

They are mostly found in Canada, USA, Madagascar, Tanzania, Pakistan, Italy and Norway.