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  • Selenite 30-35Mm Sphere With Wooden Stand (Morocco) Photo 2 Crystal Ball
  • Selenite 30-35Mm Sphere With Wooden Stand (Morocco) Photo 3 Crystal Ball
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Selenite 30-35mm Sphere with wooden stand (Morocco)

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Selenite promotes positive energy, purifies low vibrations, and reprograms everything it touches to work at optimal capacity.

It has a knack for clearing away unnecessary clutter, enhancing mental clarity, and providing a thorough aura cleansing.

Selenite invites you to look inwards and be more introspective. While its energy primarily focuses on the crown chakra, its pure white light passes through every energy center, including the heart chakra.

Removing energy blocks here empowers you to love yourself and experience universal love truly.