Audrey's Wellness

Amethyst Merkaba Pendant Brazil 20-25 mm


Audrey's Wellness

Amethyst Merkaba Pendant Brazil 20-25 mm


The Star Tetrahedron is the geometric and energetic representation of the human body, heaven and earth, male and female, also called the Merkaba.

The Egyptian word, Merkaba, can be broken down in order to understand the concept more clearly. "Mer" is translated into the word 'Light'. "Kaa" would refer to the spirit and "Baa"(in this reality) refers to the physical being or body.

Many believe that the Merkaba represents the shape of our energy system in upper dimensions.

By meditating on the Merkaba, you can more easily connect with your Higher Self and this can help to align your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is an amazing and powerful tool, especially during these current times of shifts and transitions.

It can assist in the connection between the physical and ethereal bodies, allow us to see the psychological patterns and programs that may limit us, and is a constant reminder to remember our true, loving and divine nature.

By meditating on the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron we are able to merge with Source, the Divine, All that is.

Hold a Merkaba Star Tetrahedron when in meditation or prayer.


Name of crystal: Amethyst

Common sources: Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Madagascar, India

Astrological associations: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Chakra: Crown

Healing qualities: A crystal with many healing aspects, amethyst offers an overall protection while striking a balance in your physical, emotional and mental state. The purple crystallized quartz also magnifies the energy of other crystals, and is useful for purification during ceremonies

Physical qualities: Amethyst works by tackling the root causes of diseases such as bacterial and viral infections and aids in providing relief for headaches and migraines, while guarding against insomnia and nightmares.

Emotional/spiritual: Bringing about a calming effect, amethysts helps in soothing nerves and easing tensions and over sensitivity, including coping with strong emotional energies such as grief. It can also be used to enhance your aura and spirituality, or as an aid for meditation.

Magical and mystical qualities: Protects against paranormal harm and malice while attracting good luck.

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt, Crystals for Health – Cassandra Eason