Small Clay Chakra Wand Pendant

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This beautiful, hand-crafted copper wand has a crystal ball on one end and a clear, crystal point on the other to help transfer healing energy.

A chakra necklace or pendant is made with semi-precious stones that correspond with the chakras in the body. Chakras, in Indian philosophy, are centers in the body that are connected to spiritual existence and spiritual power.

The chakras are believed to exist in a lateral line within the body from the top of the head to the reproductive organs.

For those who believe in the power and significance of chakras, it is important to keep them balanced. Some believe that by wearing jewelry, such as a necklace or pendant, with stones that correspond to each of the chakras, it is easier to keep them in balance.

The chakras are often represented in a rainbow formation with a purple chakra at the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head, and a red chakra at the root chakra, which is located in the ovaries or prostate.

Following this model, stones in a chakra necklace are often arranged in a rainbow formation to echo the arrangement of the chakras in the body.

There are some beliefs that crystals, minerals, and semi-precious stones offer various types of healing properties.