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  • Tai Sui Amulet (Fengshui 2023) 11Cm Keychain Keychain
  • Tai Sui Amulet (Fengshui 2023) Keychain
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Tai Sui Amulet (Fengshui 2023)

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The Tai Sui of the year is the Deity in charge of everything that happens on earth during the year.

Having him on your side brings many benefits, while incurring his wrath brings obstacles and mishaps.

There are 60 Tai Suis ruling in succession and each year, one of the first things to do is to get the Tai Sui of the year onto your side.

In 2023, animal signs at risk of angering the Tai Sui are the Rabbit, Rooster, Horse and Rat. These signs should carry this amulet to appease this year’s Tai Sui, although ALL signs benefit from his support through the year.