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  • Ultimate Protection (Ghost Month) Crystal Set For Home & Office H Sets
  • Ultimate Protection (Ghost Month) Crystal Set For Home & Office Sets
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Ultimate Protection Crystal Remedy Set For Home & Office

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Ghost Month Ultimate Protection Crystal Sets
$100 per set usual $170

According to the legend, at the beginning of the Ghost Month, the ghosts of the ancestors were temporarily released from hell and let them roam around the earth.

Most of the time, these hungry ghosts were malicious and angry.

It is very important to do some rituals to appease these malicious souls, and to lead them back to where they belong at the end of the Ghost Month.

In order to protect you from bad luck and psychic attacks, these crystals will help you-
Hematite- to ward off negative energy and appease with the spirits.

Smoky Quartz is a stone that shields you against black magic or evil sorcery, and also to keep you grounded.

Selenite is a very powerful cleansing and protective stone. It can help you and your homes be clear of negative or malicious energy.

Black Tourmaline is a very good protective stone against spirit possessions and negative influences

To place in your home or office.

1 selenite on 4 walls
1 smoky quartz on 4 corners
1 black tourmaline @ front door and back area

1 hematite near main door

Can be used as macro (whole house) or micro (limited space).