Crystal Bracelets - Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a few customers have the following questions while shopping for Crystal Bracelets at our store.
Here we will answer some of them to share with you!

Q: Which hand should I wear my bracelet on?
A: We recommend wearing bracelets on your non-dominant hand. For example,  If you are right-handed, wear them on your left hand. Your non-dominant hand is also known as your receiving hand. Wearing bracelets on that hand ensures that you reap the full benefits from the crystals.

Q: Should I wash my bracelets and how?
A: Generally, crystals love water unless they are water-soluble, e.g. Selenite. To find out which other crystals are water soluble, read more here. You may like to wash them of the grime, dirt and dust they are exposed to daily. Do not use any harsh chemicals. Running water works fine in re-energising the crystals and simply dry them off afterwards.

Q: How many bracelets can I wear at the same time?
A: There are no hard and fast rules but we do recommend wearing them in 1s, 3s or 5s. The energy is more well balanced that way.

Q: Can I mix different crystal bracelets? I am afraid they might clash with each other or something...
A: Absolutely! That's where the term "Crystal Arm Parties" come from. There's no problem with mixing crystal bracelets you love. Crystals don't clash with one another. However, for certain individuals who are sensitive to energies, the mixing of certain strong and powerful crystals might amplify their effect at an instant and the wearer might be overwhelmed. What we recommend is that you experiment with one crystal bracelet first and add on gradually so as to get use to the energies.

Q: There are so many types of crystal bracelets, I don't know what's good for me. Help!
A: Love For Crystal features a range of AGARTHA custom bracelets by Audrey Agcaoili. Her exclusive designs are 100% handmade with premium quality crystals sourced from all over the world. AGARTHA's Astrology Bracelets are made using crystals which the respective astrological signs need. Do click on the links to find out more!

AQUARIUS Astrology Bracelets

CANCER Astrology Bracelets

CAPRICORN Astrology Bracelets

GEMINI Astrology Bracelets

LEO Astrology Bracelets

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PISCES Astrology Bracelets

SAGITTARIUS Astrology Bracelets

SCORPIO Astrology Bracelets

TAURUS Astrology Bracelets

VIRGO Astrology Bracelets

ARIES Astrology Bracelets

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