Audrey is the founder of Audrey's Wellness and Love for Crystals! Her passion and interest have brought her to pursue a bigger expansion from private practice to handle a Wellness Centre and Crystal Shop.

Inspired by her clients, students and supporters, she is taking steps to improve the work of bringing spiritual awareness to this new age.

Audrey as a Life Coach, Angel Intuitive & Workshop Facilitator has been in practice for over 15 years.

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JONI YANG (Co-Owner)
Joni's interest in Crystals and the Spiritual realm have brought her to be a part of Love For Crystals & Audrey's Wellness.

With her extensive sales and marketing experience, she is contributing to the expansion of the business locally and overseas.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Business Consultant)
Our dear Angel guide and friend Archangel Michael has become a huge part of the evolutionary progress of Love for Crystals and Audrey's Wellness. He is not just the "behind the scenes" support but he is upfront with his guidance in making us fulfill our tasks to create a beautiful outcome for this project.

We call Love for Crystals and Audrey's Wellness, as Archangel Michael's Project, as we believe that Archangel Michael heads the project. His guidance is always truly treasured.