How To Find The Right Crystal For You?

Today let's touch on a common question we get quite often: How do I pick crystals that are right for me?

Seek not to measure the material, but consider rather the power which reason has and mere substance not - Manilius (Roman Astrologer)

Finding the right stone for you is the key to attuning yourself to crystal power. Do start by searching for a crystal that holds the power you want to manifest. The right crystal for you at a particular moment will "stick" to you. You will relish the feel as you pick up the stone. Wherever you find the crystal. make sure you purify and empower it before use. Do read up our FAQ to know more!


Allow yourself a few moments to attune to a crystal. Hold the crystal in your hands and feel its vibrations. If they are in accord with your own, you will feel calm and peaceful. If you feel uncomfortable, choose another stone. The one that you are holding might not be right for you at that time or you may need some inner work done before the crystal's energy can be in flow with yours.


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