Common Forms Of Crystals

Let's look at the various forms of crystals available to us today.
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Mineralogical Samples
Crystals or groups of minerals still on their matrix (rock base) or in the form in which they were found. Examples of extremely rare and precious crystals on matrix are the Brandbergs.

Crystal Clusters
A number of Crystals sharing a common base. Quartz Clusters, particularly Amethyst and Citrine beds, are popular. They can keep the energy in a room positive and cleanse other stones.

Single Crystals
Recognizable by their geometric shapes, single Crystals have flat, angular sides and faceted ends (called "points" or "terminations"). The base is usually rough where the Crystal has been separated from its matrix.

Tumbled Stones
Crystals are polished with gravels until they resemble rounded, water-worn pebbles. This enhances their colour and increases their portability. They are easy to place on the body, which makes them the core of any Crystal Healer's kit.

Worked Crystals
These are shaped and polished from large blocks into wands, spheres, slices and free-standing polished Crystals. Faceted gems and cabochons will then be used as jewel accessories.

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