How to Activate Crystal Grids

What is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal Grid is a way to arrange and link crystals to create a field of energy.  This energy can then be applied for purposes such as healing, protection, manifestation, and many other things. 

Crystalline Grids can be used as an effective tool for many types of energy work.  Not only can they help us to focus our own intentions, but many Grids can help us to amplify, shift, and direct our energy as well.  The real power and responsibility lies with the person using the Grid.  All tools can do is to help us attune to Higher Parts of ourselves... a place where all things are possible.  The Crystalline Grids do not possess 'magical' power... they reflect our own power back to us and support our intentions to create our own realities on a more conscious level.  


Activating the Grid

  1. State your intention.

  2. Focus your attention at the central stone of the Grid and imagine a bright colored light beaming itself upward into the heavens from the Center Crystal (which should be propped upward, or a free standing crystal to begin with).  This 'beam of light' contains your desire.  Some people prefer to imagine that a beautiful balloon is set free from the Grid... slowly floating upward in the arms of Angels until it is out of sight... or bursts into a shower of sparkly confetti.

  3. Next, visualize all stones are interconnecting through a line of energy connecting the stones, creating a circuit of light. Continue around until all stones have been connected to their neighbors and in to the center stone.  

  4. Now, using your grid key, draw these links as you repeat the entire circuit to help strengthen the connection between the stones.  I often redraw the links about three times until I feel a strong aura of energy surrounding the grid.

  5. Once you feel that you have aligned the grid with your intention, focus on the center stone again and slowly feed it as much energy as you can create or pull in from external sources.

  6. Visualize it and the other stones of the grid and the lines connecting them glowing brighter and brighter as energy is added.  When you feel that you’ve added enough, stop and just hold the glowing grid in your minds eye for a few more moments.

  7. You may want to take this time to state any affirmations.

  8. THANK the universe for granting your wish or 'that which serves your highest good at this point in your development'.  Thank the universe like you KNOW it's going to happen... without a DOUBT you KNOW this is going to happen.  This is the important part... this is where the "Faith can move mountains' part comes in.

  9. Then just leave the grid in place, and as long as it is not significantly disturbed it will keep running, though it can be a good idea to occasionally add fresh energy as guided by intuition for a grid that is set up for an extended period of time.  Significant disturbance will require that the grid be reactivated, but is otherwise not a cause for alarm.


For love grid, place on right hand side of your space, upon entering space. 

For success/abundance grid, place on left side of your space upon entering the space.

For health and healing, place at the center of home or any space in the bedroom

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