Crystal Magic Workshop

 Date: 17 August 2013 3pm-8pm

Fee: $350 Earlybird $300 (10 Aug)

12 participants only!

Call eliza 84987653

SAVE: Early bird rate of $300 for those who register with full payment one week in advance of the workshop date. -

  • Learn the steps on preparing for Crystal Magic such as cleansing, charging, dedicating, grounding rituals.
  • Learn to make talismans for Attraction, Health & Vitality, Success & Protection Amulet, Travel Amulet.
  • Learn which crystals to use and how to place your crystals in the different directions of your home or space.
  • Learn the crystal magic ritual in balancing the energy of your home. - Learn how to install crystal protection on your home
  • Learn many techniques on Crystal magic with Quartz Points
  • Learn crystal magic for opening your third eye and for Scrying
  • Learn to make magical crystal grids such as grid for debt relief; grid for peace and harmony; prosperity grid; banishing grid; fertility grid; sixth sense grid
  • And much more!

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