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Love For Crystals, LLP

Grape Agate Raw (RARE) Indonesia

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Recently discovered in Indonesia, the grape agate is composed of small botryoidal purple chalcedony.

Botryoidal means that tiny circular crystals have formed together naturally similar to grapes. 

So far, there is only one locality where grape agate is found, making this an extremely valuable and rare stone.

The color of grape agate ranges from lavender or light lilacs to dark purple.

The very rare green-colored specimens, on the other hand, are found amounts a purple vein with bi-colored purple and green pieces are also found. These are among the rarest and the true definition of the “grape agate”.

The beautiful grape agate carries the energy of spiritual wisdom and growth. It offers many answers with its tiny pieces and is the key to unlocking the answers to all you seek.

It will remind you that the answers are not out there, but instead, you had them all along. The energies of the grape agate also promote you to accept and trust without questions.

Grape agate is a stone that can bring wealth and abundance in all aspects of your life, especially your financial life.

Its powerful energies make you feel empowered and enriched to achieve all your financial goals, strengthening your sense of reality.