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  • Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil) 280G 90Mm Polished Stones
  • Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil) 253G 80Mm Polished Stones
  • Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil) 285G 80Mm Polished Stones
  • Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil) 262G 70Mm Polished Stones
  • Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil) Polished Stones
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Love For Crystals, LLP

Amazonite Cut Base (Brazil)

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It acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attack, geopathic stress, and unhealthy environments.

It rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energy.

It is strong healing and cleansing powers.

Name of crystal: 

Common sources: Brazil, Russia, USA

Astrological associations: Virgo

Chakra: Heart

Healing qualities: Amazonite’s calming and soothing energy makes it a feel better stone that is also great in enhancing creativity

Physical qualities: Amazonite is beneficial for the heart, the nervous system, as well as dealing with schizophrenia

Emotional/Spiritual qualities: Helpful when dealing with stress, nervousness, and a troubled mind. Amazonite is also great for the aura

Magical and mystical qualities: -

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt