Anxiety Release Crystal Bracelet By Audrey’s Crystal Remedies

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By Audrey’s Crystal Remedies

This elegantly designed crystal bracelet in 14k rose gold-filled beads is to assist in the care of your mind, releasing stress and anxiety specially during this unsettling times.

This bracelet includes-

Hematite 6mm

Hematite helps reduce anxiety and depression

Sunstone 6mm

The energy of Sunstone helps to release anxiety and stress and will stimulate mental clarity and clear thinking.

Sunstone helps to increase the flow of life-force energy within your chakras

Selenite 6mm

Selenite removes energy blocks, cleanses your aura and protects your energy field.

Aquamarine AAA Grade

Aquamarine helps in soothing anxious thoughts, giving courage and resiliency in life.

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Designed, Made, Attuned & Blessed By Audrey