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Love For Crystals, LLP

Attract Wealth Treasure Pot Golden Calcite with Free Peridot Chips, Ingot & Coins (Feng Shui)

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Bring this golden calcite treasure pot into your home or office as a symbol of enhanced wealth, prosperity and success luck.

It is considered financially lucky when placed near a cashier counter at a business, or on a workplace desk.

This wealth pot is overflowing with peridot and 3 Chinese coins and calcite ingot– all representing abundance.

Place it in the left corner of your living room or office to seek business opportunities and a financial boost.

If you already have a certain amount of wealth luck, you can also display it in the Southwest or South corner of your living room or office to enhance that luck even more, and expand your financial success.

The main entrance of a home or office is another place to display the wealth pot, inviting wealth and fortune to enter, while increasing business success.

You may add your own coins or any items representing wealth.