Blue Tourmaline Cluster (Indicolite) Brazil (RARE)

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The rarest and most highly valued tourmaline is the indicolite  -- a neon-like blue or green that is colored by traces of copper.

It was first discovered in Brazil in 1989.


Meditation with Indicolite will bring you many blessings in all aspects of your life, and that includes your wealth and finances.

It will stimulate your power to make your dreams a reality, and it will give you the support that you need in all your financial endeavors.

The energies of this crystal will attract good luck and good fortune, and it will cascade into other aspects of your life as well.

When you work with the energies of this crystal, you will receive wise advice from higher sources.

It will also protect you from financial problems or unexpected events that can affect your money flow or personal fortune.

This crystal will bring you deep and peaceful inner awareness when it comes to life, love, and relationships.