Citrine Cathedral Raw Points AAA (Brazil) Wealth Activator!

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VERY RARE! Wealth Activator and money magnet.

To use-

1) hold and set your wish and intentions

2) direct energy to written intentions or prayers

3) display on left corner of home or office

First time we have them and they are very rare! They are the real citrine.

The Citrine cathedral quartz is great for dispelling poverty consciousness.  

The stone will take you back to your root to assess your core beliefs when it comes to prosperity.

It will also help you in recognizing your inner riches and reprograming your soul to expect enough all the time.

By reminding of you the abundance of the universe and personal intention, the stone will improve the perception of your own value and attract more abundance to you.

One way to harness the power of this stone is to meditate with it. When meditating, make sure to do it on a daily basis in order to raise the frequency of the mind.

This will then encourage positive intents as well as positive thoughts.