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  • Citrine Cluster Wall With Stand (Aaa)
  • Citrine Cluster Wall With Stand (Aaa)
  • Citrine Cluster Wall With Stand (Aaa) 1000G 130Mm
  • Citrine Cluster Wall With Stand (Aaa) 1700G 150Mm
  • Citrine Cluster Wall With Stand (Aaa) 1110G 160Mm
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Citrine Cluster Wall with Stand (AAA)

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Known as Success Gemstone because it attracts success achievement and wealth.

Name of crystal: Citrine

Common source: Brazil

Astrological association: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra

Chakras: Solar plexus

Healing qualities: Known as the “money stone”, citrine ushers in abundance and wealth. It is also known to help with self-empowerment, creative pursuits and problem-solving

Physical qualities: Citrine is good for the digestive system as well as liver related disorders. It also helps with nausea and tissue regeneration.

Emotional/spiritual qualities: Great for working on the self-esteem, and removing of emotional toxins, it is also helpful for relationships and to maintain an yin/yang balance

Magical and mystical qualities: A natural citrine tumbled stone clears unfriendly ghosts when it catches the light. Alternatively, you can sprinkle citrine elixir to prevent negative energies from returning

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt, Crystal for Health – Cassandra Eason