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  • Deva Quartz Green Phantom Crystals 3 Grams / 20Mm Raw Stones
  • Deva Quartz Green Phantom Crystals 3 Grams / 20Mm Raw Stones
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Deva Quartz Green Phantom Crystals 3 Grams / 20mm

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Deva quartz phantoms are clear quartz crystals with inclusions of green celadonite. This particular deva phantom quartz is just gorgeous!

Here is what Robert Simmons says about them: "Intuitive sources say Deva Quartz Green Phantoms emanate the pure, joyful frequencies of nature. They are powerful activators of the third eye and crown chackras, stimulating visionary experience."

As they are phantom quartz, they also have their qualities: phantom quartz helps delve into your past. It goes through your past, your own layers, to understand that everything that happens is part of your life, your story and your beauty. It can be on a larger scale too, like the Earth‰۪s growth recorded for you to access.

Inner beauty is revealed through lack of growth, halted progression and seeming trouble. Layers of stuff are placed upon you, and then once you grow past the stuff, your most magnificent self is the culmination of all the stops and starts! You are magnificent because of your past. Embrace it and step out for all to see. Phantoms teach you about the process of life and growth, and how to overcome obstacles to see life as a wondrous journey.