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  • Double Terminated Quartz Crystal (Brazil) 50 X 40Mm Raw Stones
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Double Terminated Quartz Crystal (Brazil) 50 x 40mm

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Double Terminated crystals have a termination on both ends. These crystals grow from a “seed” molecule of silicon dioxide in clay and grow outward in both directions. They are not formed on a matrix. 

The energy in these crystals flows in both directions as well. Even though they have two terminations, oftentimes there is usually one end that feels like the “top” and one that feels like the “bottom.” 

Double Terminated points promote psychic ability and dream recall (because they send as well as receive) and are also used for balance. They are useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions. Best in using them in healing layouts or grids because the energy flows in both directions.

Name of crystal: Clear Quartz

Common source: Arkansas, USA, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Tibet

Astrological association: All

Chakras: All

Healing qualities: A programmable crystal, the clear quartz channels any energy, thus helping any conditions. Also known as the "feel better" stone, it improves the quality of life, lifts your spirits, and re-energizes you whenever.

Physical qualities: Helps diabetes, heart problems, obesity, pain and discomfort, spinal health, and weight loss

Emotional/spiritual qualities: With an ability to help focus the mind, it aids in meditation and relieves negativity

Magical and mystical qualities: -

Reference: The Crystal Healer – Philip Permutt