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Love For Crystals, LLP

Feng Shui Gold Bar (Made of Alloy) 4x2cm

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Feng Shui Gold Bar is a powerful feng shui product to activate the wealthy chi.

It is the symbol of wealth.

You can display the gold bar in the wealth position on the South Direction on 2024.

The gold bar is made of solid alloy/copper and gold dyed.

The dimension is approx. 4x2cm

It is also good for displaying the gold bar on New Year to bring wealth.

Place the bar in the South sector (the wealth sector) either by itself, or with other feng shui symbols such as a wealth bowl, lucky money tree or a wealth bucket and it is said that you will further attract money luck.

Placing the gold bar in the Northwest sector is said to trigger heightened mentor luck, bringing in help with career advancement.

Many people choose to use this item as a paper weight, leaving it on a desk as a constant reminder of the potential for better income.

Pls note that there is no real gold in this bar. Just an ornamental and symbolic display.