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Love For Crystals, LLP

Feng Shui Wealth Bucket (Brass)

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Beautifully crafted, this Feng Shui Wealth Bucket with overflowing treasure is a powerful wealth charm and activator.

Decorated with Chinese gold ingots, this lucky wealth bucket is a symbol of wealth and asset accumulation.

The legend of the wealth bucket harks back to a famous imperial accountant who was able to constantly procure wealth from an infinitely providing golden vessel.

Now commonly found in stores, offices, homes and business locations as talismans for assured wealth and profit, the wealth bucket is said to protect you from poverty in bad times and assure steady affluence in good.

Display in Wealth corner or South of your home, office or business.

Note: Props are not included

Pls note that there is no real gold in this. Just an ornamental and symbolic display.